Aliento del Viento

Pillar: Handicap


Integration of persons with a handicap, or more precisely persons with a limitation. This can be a physical limitation, but also a social or an emotional one.

For us, integration means that people with a limitation may take part in social life, in society.



Aliento del Viento integrates persons with a limitation in the management of the association.

Aliento del Viento organises activities which are accessible for people with a physical limitation, so that people "with" and "without" limitation may meet.

Aliento collaborates with or supports associations which are committed to the integration of the handicapped, such as:

El Soplo del Viento vzw

KVG vzw

De wriemeling

Aliento del Viento wishes to raise awareness both in people "with" and "without" limitation in information evenings and via the internet.

Aliento del Viento wishes to like Belgian with foreign associations in order to establish an exchange in knowledge and experience concerning the specific challenges faced by people with a limitation.

Els in Switzerland

Aliento del Viento